2022 Registration will be available in the New Year

The new way - complete your registration on-line using this form and follow the instructions on the form for easy payment by e-transfer.


(The old-fashioned way)

We are a Member operated organization. Our league is made up of residents from Green Briar, Briar Hill and nearby communities who love the game of golf. We welcome players of all skill levels to join. We play each Tuesday morning from May to the end of September. If you are interested in playing golf in a league with ladies who share your love of the game, please consider joining. You may choose 18-hole play or 9-hole play. Membership in the GAO is a requirement.

If you are interested in joining our league, or are a returning member, you may click on the "Registration Form" button below to download and print the Registration Form. If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact a member of the Executive. Click on the "Executive" button to obtain their contact information.

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Season Pass holders will need to fill out a Players Agreement and Cart Rental Form once your tee time has been booked and prior to arrival.  Click below.

Please read the COVID-19 BEST PRACTICES FOR GOLFERS link below.

The item below is very important for everyone to read.

Remember to post Non-Ladies' Day Rounds on a hole-by-hole basis.